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Internet is filled with all hundreds if not thousands of good Product Management blogs. However, most of them are trying to sell you something like their products, ebooks or courses. Here is a curated list of personal Product Management blogs, written by real product managers based on years of experience.

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Initially, I use to read any PM blog that crossed my way. Thanks to years of experience, not only I can separate the wheat from the chaff but identify the worthy ones. Most of these personal PM blogs are irregular, with limited ways to subscribe or follow them. Yet, these are great resources of learning for experienced as well as new product managers. Below are the personal favorite ones I recommend:

Ken Norton

Ken is a partner at Google Ventures. Before joining GV, he was a group product manager at Google. Though he is not as active as he used to be, his older articles are a goldmine.

Sachin Lekhi

Sachin has held product roles at Microsoft and LinkedIn and now he is CEO of Notejoy, a collaborative notes app. He writes about product management & entrepreneurship.

Shardul Mehta

Shardul is a product management expert and trainer. His articles are always crisp and a delight to read. You will learn more about the business in product management from his blog rather than just delivering products.

Nir Eyal

If you are interested in psychology and consumer behavior in tech space, Nir is the undisputed leader. His articles on productivity help you become better product managers.

Adam Nash

Adam leads product and growth at Dropbox. Though he writes on wide range of topics, his product management articles shouldn’t be given a miss.

Julie Zhuo

One of the widely followed authors on Medium, she is currently Product Design VP at Facebook. You can always count on her for great advice on management and strategy.

Noah Weiss

Before leading product management at Slack, Noah has run product at FourSquare and Google.

Mir Cagan of Silicon Valley Product Group

Technically, not a personal blog, however most of the article are written by Marty Cagan who was a product leader at HP, Netscape and eBay. They do for-profit workshops and sell books, however their blog is full of insights and best practices.

First Round’s Product Magazine

Interviews and insights from product folks and companies mostly funded by First Round Capital.

Intercom on Product

I love each and every article from Intercom team on product strategy. Simple, clear and effective. Though they sell an indirect product, articles are mostly unbiased.

SaaS and Other

There are a few websites where you can discover good articles helpful for Product Managers:

August 17, 2019

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