Good GPM and Bad GPM


  • Don’t think about features and competitors. Think about the market and customers.
  • Manage the product team, and don’t create silos.
  • Status reports on time with the honest truth and challenges
  • Owns the product strategy, not individual features
  • Does not over delegates, thinks broadly and delegates the pieces of complete picture
  • Asks lot of questions – both detailed level to soldiers and broad level to executives
  • Sets clear Objectives and gives clear feedback
  • Discusses with executives on a regular basis on strategy, not on direction and execution inputs. They lack the time on follow on ideas, their inputs are directional not mandatory
  • Executives know what not to do, but don’t know what to do
  • Executives can verify that a plan is good, but cannot dictate a good plan.
  • Knows how to get buyoff from organization and marketing, keeps everyone informed.
March 30, 2023

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