Good GPM and Bad GPM

Learnings: Don’t think about features and competitors. Think about the market and customers. Manage the product team, and don’t create silos. Status reports on time with the honest truth and challenges Owns the product strategy, not individual features Does not over delegates, thinks broadly and delegates the pieces of complete picture Asks lot of questions […]

Low Adoption and the Sad Realization

Early in my career, I used to get so excited from hearing client’s complaints that I would instantly start to conceptualize solutions and put them in the backlog, ready to be discussed and pushed in the roadmap. Only later, I started realizing that none of the solutions were getting used as much as I had […]

Customer Obsession and Making Hard Decisions

A recent experience* provoked me to write this post – when we had to roll back a product update just after a week. To handle the situation better next time, I came through “reversible vs irreversible” decision concept and developed my framework to take hard decisions and still being customer-obsessed. This is not new. I […]

Market-Product Fit or Product-Market Fit?

“Product-Market Fit” is a term that is often thrown around and I have been guilty of saying it myself. However, often the term framing gives rise to the wrong understanding and later used inappropriately while talking about ideas. It is argued that the correct way of talking about the concept is to use the term […]

Personal Product Management Blogs to Follow

Internet is filled with all hundreds if not thousands of good Product Management blogs. However, most of them are trying to sell you something like their products, ebooks or courses. Here is a curated list of personal Product Management blogs, written by real product managers based on years of experience. Initially, I use to read […]